Masterpost of Anthony Heads Acting work (Film and TV, not interviews or documentary or voice work) It was harder than I thought to find this stuff. Also, be warned, the TV stuff shows only the episodes containing him so you may find yourself skipping episodes.

If there is a dodgy link or if you have a link I don’t, message me.


1981 - Lady Chatterley’s Lover - Anton
1987 - A prayer for the dying - Rupert
2003 - I’ll be there - Sam Gervasi
2004 - Fat Slags - Victor
2005 - Imagine me & you - Ned
2006 - Scoop - Un-named Detective
2007 - Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street - Cameo
2007 - Amelia and Michael - Michael (Thanks to Gilescandy for this find)
2008 - REPO! The Genetic Opera - Nathan Wallace/Repo Man
2011 - The Inbetweeners Movie - Will’s Father
2011 - The Iron Lady - Geoffrey Howe
2012 - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Benedict


1979 - Secret Army - Hanslick

1981 - Bergerac - Bill

1993 - The Detectives - Simon

1993 - Highlander - Allan Rothwood

1995 - VR.5 - Oliver Sampson

1995 - NYPD Blue - Nigel Gibson

1997 - Jonathan Creek - Adam Klaus

1997-2003 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Rupert Giles

1999 - Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place - Dr. Staretski

2001 - Silent Witness - Henry Hutton (Thanks to ethanrayne for these links!)

2002 - Spooks - Peter Salter

2002-2003 - Manchild - James (These links are all available thanks to randomly-a-goldfish)

2003 - My Family - Richard Harper

2003-2006 - Little Britain - Michael Stevens

2004 - New Tricks - Sir Tim

2004 - Monarch of the Glen - Chester Grant

2006 - Hotel Bablyon - Mr. Machin

2006 - Doctor Who - Mr. Finch

2007 - Persuasion - Sir Walter Elliot

2008-2012 - Merlin - King Uther Pendragon

2009 - Free Agents (UK) - Stephen

2011 - Free Agents (USA) - Stephen

2013 - Dancing on the Edge - Arthur Donaldson

Beneath this cut are Movies and TV episodes I need links for. If anyone can find them I may actually marry them. Many of these do have download links but that isn’t what I’m looking for. - Enjoy.

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Tony’s and Sarah’s answer to his birthday present.


Basically, this is the greatest day of my life!

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Anthony Stewart Head Gif Hunt


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Anthony Head Gif Hunt


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Anthony Head Gifs


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Anthony Head :
I’m a “Bull Breed” owner and  I Am the Majority!


Anthony Head :

I’m a “Bull Breed” owner and  I Am the Majority!


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Arthur: He finds me strategic?

Uther: Oh yes!

Arthur: and beautiful? … father what are you trying to say

Uther: Lord Godwin is a serious ally the strength of such a match can not be underestimated

Arthur: please tell me you mean a jousting match

Uther: I mean a love match

Arthur: love?!

Uther: No, not love, love has nothing to do with it… the other bit… you know a permanent union

Arthur: Marriage?!

Uther: I knew you’d understand

Arthur: What the f…

Dawww Uther is so awkward. It’s like the birds and the bees all over again.

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If somehow you are a fan of Anthony Head and have not listened to Cabin Pressure, it’s time to re-examine your life choices. To assist you in that endeavor, here are all three four episodes in which he appears as Herc Shipwright. **Updated to include Vaduz**

The Herc Collection <— click to download zip file

3.3 Newcastle   “Short for Hercules. Dad was…um…Dad was rather eccentric. After the aircraft though, rather than the hero. I’ll never know if that makes it better or worse.”

3.4 Ottery St. Mary   “Ah, hello. What a ridiculous dog!”

3.5 Rotterdam   “You simply must have the most awfully lovely, super-scrumptious flight.”

4.3 Vaduz   “I didn’t realise you were in such thrall to royalty.”